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So you want to work in the Oil & Gas Industry?


How to be prepared.


So you want to work in the Oil & Gas industry?

Northern living and working in the Oil & Gas industry can be very rewarding

But do you have what it takes? 

Skilled Workers

The oil and gas industry is a significant source of employment in Fort St. John and area and skilled workers are always in demand. Qualification requirements include,  degrees, diplomas, certificates and technical training. Some occupation classifications include Engineers, Geoscience Professionals, Operators, Business Services, Technicians, Technologists and Trades persons. Job titles such as Drillers, Surveyors, Heavy Equipment Operators, Class 01 and 03 drivers, Engineers, Electricians, Mechanics, Millwrights, Welders and Pipefitters to name a few, make up this group.

Entry-level Workers

These jobs do not require academic qualifications higher than a grade 12 diploma. Safety Certifications are key to these roles, along with a Valid Driver’s License and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Job titles to include: Pipeline Labourer, Helper (Perforator Loader, Tubing, Well Pulling, Wireline), Oilfield Labourer, Shop Hand, Swamper, Seismic Helper and Leasehand.

Training and Orientation

Hazardous Conditions – you will be frequently working in or around potentially hazardous equipment, chemicals, explosives etc. All safety precautions and adherence to safety regulations are strictly enforced. This requires proper company orientations (often done online) and safety certifications which can be obtained at local colleges or safety companies.

The most basic training tickets (certification) to be allowed on site in oil & gas are OFA Level 1 (First aid) and H2S Alive:

Working Conditions
Personal Protective Equipment 

Approximate cost can run from $500-$1000 depending on the season. PPE can include coveralls, steel-toed work boots, hard hat, safety glasses and work gloves. All gear must be CSA approved with fire retardant lining and reflective markings. Other winter gear may be required for warmth in extreme temperatures which is more expensive.

Driver’s License and Transportation 

It is highly recommended you have a license and reliable transportation as it increases your employability drastically. Many oil and gas companies are not located within city limits so bussing is not available and workers are typically required to show up by 6:30 AM.

Alcohol and Drug testing 

Employers will be doing pre-employment drug and alcohol testing, as well as random testing on site throughout the year. Many work environments can be hazardous so testing is taken seriously and done routinely.

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