Fort Nelson Airport - Aircraft Fire Retardant Loader

Perimeter Solutions Canada LTD.

May 9, 2022



Job Type

Some experience required

Salary Type
To Be Determined



Fort Nelson Jobs


British Columbia


Schedule: 8 hour shifts


  • Mechanical knowledge: 1 year (preferred)

    Position Summary:
    This is a four month seasonal full-time position, responsible for the mixing and loading of fire retardant into air tankers during periods of fire activity.

    The Air Tanker Loader Technician conducts all company related business in a safe and efficient manner, in full compliance with Perimeter Solutions ESH&S, Worksafe BC, BC Wildfire policies and other applicable regulations.

    Air Tanker Loader Technicians are a primary contact between Perimeter Solutions and Agency Personnel and will act in a safe, professional and courteous manner always.

    Principal Duties and Responsibilities:

    • Follow all Safe Work Procedures (SWP’s) and utilize applicable Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) when performing all job functions
    • Load aircraft as required, following SWP’s within contracted time frames
    • Interact with Aviation crews and Government Personnel in a professional and courteous manner
    • Handling all activities related to fire retardant including:
      • Retardant concentrate recirculation
      • Mixing concentrate during aircraft loading
      • Ensuring mixed product meets quality specifications
      • Loading Air Tankers in a safe and efficient manner
      • Off-loading tanker trailers of liquid concentrate
      • Cleaning up any spills or leakage
      • Any other retardant activities required
    • Checks and minor equipment service, ensuring a state of readiness always
    • Daily operational inspection of all pumps, hoses, fittings, and switches, verifying all equipment functions as required
    • Beginning of shift checks of water and retardant tank volumes
    • Perform secondary duties including but not limited to:
      • Lawn maintenance
      • Garden/flower bed care- weed removal
      • Basic building maintenance- paint, minor repairs
      • Base cleanup, debris removal
      • Monitoring of remote water systems
      • Light janitorial tasks, garbage removal of loading staff work spaces
      • Occasional dispatch service at remote base locations
      • Assist other tasks and projects as required, after hazard and risk assessment completed and approved
    • Cooperate with all Technical Representatives, plant production staff and agency personnel in a professional and courteous manner
    • Assisting Technical Representative in tanker base setup, shut downs and other field related projects as required
    • Attend the annual spring loader certification training, demonstrating competence in the required disciplines
    • Timely and accurate submission of all required documentation, including time sheets, but not limited to; base activity report and base work log
    • Respond to early or late dispatch callouts within 30 minutes when on call


        • Work in team environment and effectively communicate with other personnel
        • Ability to use hand tools, lawn mowers, garden tools
        • Mechanical background or aptitude (asset)
        • First aid certificate (asset)
        • Experience in forklift operation (asset)
        • Reliable transportation to work
        • Training provided at the beginning of each season
        • Compliance with minimum two (2) consecutive days of rest, free of work or standby within a 30-day period required. Every effort will be made to offer these mandatory rest days on scheduled days off, however where necessary, rest days may occur on scheduled work day. Perimeter Solutions Canada Ltd reserves the right to adjust schedules as required.

        Physical Demands

        • Successful completion of a physical fitness evaluation involving the following:
          • Lift 22 kg (49lb) weight from floor to waist
          • Lift 22 kg (49lb) weight from a crouched position.
          • Crouch / Kneel position for 10 minutes.
          • Carry a 27 kg (59.5lb) weight with one arm for 50m
          • Walk 1.6 km in 16 minutes
        • Frequent bending, walking and other physical activities required to completed tasks
        • Ability to lift 25 kg (50 lbs.) on frequent basis
        • Climb stairs or ladders daily accessing top of storage tanks
        • This role requires working outside in the elements

        How to Apply

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